C'mon, 2017!  Barnstar! is headed back to the northeast!

 Photo by Paul Janovitz

Photo by Paul Janovitz

Bring it on, 2017 - Barnstar! is ready for you.  We didn't get to see that much of each other last year, and we certainly didn't see enough of you kind folks.  Let's remedy that. 

Yet again, Barnstar! has learned absolutely nothing about booking ourselves tours in the Northeast in February.  Because we are stupid - but also it's one of the only times we can all be free at the same time.   We've got some new rooms for us, and we are very excited.  Check it out:

Feb 1 - Daryl's House, Pawling, NY

 - This is our first time at Daryl Hall's venue, and we are pumped!

Feb 2 - The Parlor Room, Northampton, MA

- Always a winner.

Feb 3 - ONCE Ballroom, Somerville, MA

- Our first time at this new venue!  Our over talented friends Lula Wiles will open this show.  It's going to be a trip to rowdytown.  

Feb 4 - Barre Opera House, Barre, VT

- Our first trip to Barre as well!  


More information and full details can be found on our TOUR page.

If for some reason you haven't checked out Sit Down! Get Up! Get Out! you can do so HERE.  We are going to be taking a bunch of new songs out on some first dates on this run, and you know how awkward that can be.  It's easier with chaperones.  Lots and lots of chaperones.  :)


C'mon out and let's do this thing!